PL004 + TrueMat Set (Standard)

by Prolabs Philippines

₱2,095.00 ₱5,180.00

1 PL004 UVC Table Lamp + 1 TrueMat Set (Standard Size)

Have a full-force disinfection kit with the PL004 UVC Disinfectant Lamp with TrueMat Professional Grade Disinfection Mat (Standard Size). Disinfect your space using the UVC lamp and ensure a clean home before stepping inside with TrueMat!

PL004 Product Description:

◉ Dimension: 21cm W * 46cm H

◉ 38W

◉ Ultraviolet Light

◉ With remote


TrueMat Professional Grade Disinfection Mat (Standard Size) Product Description:

◉ Dimension: 272mm*77mm

◉ Capacity:  400 mL

◉ Weight: Approximately 210g

◉ Power Supply: 220 AC / DC-5V

◉ Turns salt and water solution into bleach disinfectant

◉ Multi-purpose: can be used to disinfect surfaces, items, and even food

◉ Long Range Nozzle: Sprays continuously for 5 seconds and can reach up to 1.5 meters

◉ Safe and non-toxic disinfectant (safe for food and pets)

◉ Does not cause severe skin irritations


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